About Us

Cleaners Cheshunt is locally owned and managed cleaning business. The company was initially established because there was much left to be desired in the commercial and domestic cleaning industry at the time. Whether it would be lack of punctuality on behalf of the operator or the substandard of cleaning services, or the unreasonably high service costs that left customers wondering what exactly they paid for, all these seemed like valid reasons to create a better business format that more people can enjoy, and so we did. We also wanted to create a company that offers a complete and comprehensive list of well thought out cleaning services that actually served a purpose with our customers.

Cleaners Cheshunt understands that having to go on a marry-go-round in order to look for the best priced service around the area or the city is hard enough, let alone if a customer needed a combination of specific cleaning services. Main problem here is that not many companies had complete coverage of all customer cleaning-related requirements and dealing with numerous companies, each one providing a different service is indeed a pain in the bum for most people, not to mention the higher costs of dealing with many service providers.

Cleaners Cheshunt unified the list of available services and created a comprehensive list that covers all needs, all under one roof so to speak. This gives our customers the convenience of choosing any type of service from an already made list, customers can also combine two or more of our services or request a complete domestic treatment for the entire property, from cleaning the roof tiles to doing the gardening. The other vital thing that had to be improved on was customer service and other operators were experiencing quite a deficiency in that department.

Cleaners Cheshunt made its business to accumulate the right people, train them accordingly and make them the best customer service department there is. The same applies to all our mobile crews and dispatch cleaners, we can proudly say that we have the most courteous, friendly, knowledgeable and properly trained employees in the industry.